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Michael Elcock

Michael Elcock was born in Forres, Scotland and grew up in Edinburgh and West Africa. He emigrated to Canada when he was twenty-one and worked in pulp mills, in the woods, on west coast fishing boats and as a ski instructor, earning along the way a B.A. and M.Ed at the University of Victoria. He was Athletic Director at UVic for ten years, and then CEO of Tourism Victoria for five. In 1990 he moved to Andalusia to work on developing Spain’s Expo 92. He has published articles in periodicals, newspapers and magazines in Canada and overseas. Elcock has published two works of non-fiction, A Perfectly Beautiful Place (Oolichan, 2004) and Writing On Stone (Oolichan, 2006). He lives just outside of Victoria, BC.


Mark Ellis

Mark Ellis lives in Marlborough, England. Over the years he has lived and worked in India, Thailand, North Africa, and many European countries. Married to an American for thirty-five years he has also spent a lot of time in Canada and the United States. For the majority of his life he has worked in the field of education as an English language specialist. He is the author of five novels.