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Susan Ketchen

Susan Ketchen was born in Nanaimo, B.C. She holds an M.Sc. degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has successfully pursued an alarming number of not overly-long careers and now resides on a small Vancouver Island hobby farm with her husband, two horses, two cats and a flock of chickens.

Susan is a member of the B.C. Horse Council, the Comox Valley Dressage Club, and the Comox Valley Writer’s Society. She is a monitor with the Wildlife Tree Stewardship Program, giving her an official excuse to spend many hours staring out the window . . . at the eagles perching and nesting at the edge of the property. She is interested in animal training and teaches her horses to recognize a remarkable number of words, play the piano with their noses, and identify flash cards. Her favourite places to come up with new ideas are the barn, the pasture, and the shower. She has never received creative inspiration while vacuuming.


Ross Klatte

Ross Klatte was born in Minneapolis and raised on his family’s dairy farm just west of the city. He worked as a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, as feature editor of the National Bowlers Journal, in Chicago, and as a copy editor for the Detroit Free Press. He immigrated with his wife to Canada in 1971 and homesteaded near Nelson, BC, where he lives with his wife. The opening chapter of his memoir is adapted from his original essay, which won the first prize in the CBC Literary Competition for 1990.

“Ross Klatte sweeps the reader immediately into the excitement and fascination of childhood on a Minnesota farm. His loving attention to detail, and his consummate literary skill, takes the reader on a ride as wild as a toboggan run down a steep hillside alongside the barn.”
~Tom Wayman

Dawn Marie Kresan

Dawn Marie Kresan is an author, editor, and graphic designer. Her books include Muse (Tightrope Books 2013), and Derelict (Bilbioasis, forthcoming). She also co-edited, with Susan Holbrook, the anthology Detours: An Anthology of Poets from Windsor & Essex County (Palimpsest Press 2013). She lives in Kingsville, Ontario, with her husband and their daughter.