Betty Jane Hegerat - Bio and Media
pb / 2009-04 / Fiction /
978-088982-257-3 / 312pp / $19.95

Lynn Howard has just begun to appreciate the freedom of the empty nest when Heather, her acerbic, self-centered twenty-year-old daughter announces that she is pregnant. Heather decides that adoption is the practical solution. After the baby is born, stunned and furious to find her heart at war with her head, she declares that she needs more time and she and her baby come home to stay with Lynn. Three weeks later, Heather suddenly insists that Lynn deliver the baby to her adoptive parents before that resolve weakens again.
And this is where the novel begins. Lynn can no more make that delivery than she could give away her own first child, so she stows Beegee in a laundry basket, straps her into the back of the car and drives west out of Calgary.
Alternating between Lynn’s story and Heather’s, the novel explores the burden of too many choices, the indescribable emotional maelstrom of birth and motherhood, and the tangled threads that tie a child to a family.

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Finalist, 2010 Alberta Book Awards Georges Bugnet Award for Fiction