Green Girl Dreams Mountains

Marilyn Dumont - Bio and Media
Poetry / pb / April, 2001 /
/ $14.95

Green Girl Dreams Mountains is a book of many parts, a book of overarching vision. This new collection of poems by Marilyn Dumont is about place and family, about a mother’s love for her daughter, about a father’s sense of loss and disenfranchisement, about belonging and separation. It is a book imbued with sadness and desperation which ends in celebration. A vision of a book!

Green Girl Dreams Mountains is about memory and transformation, about the details that shape us no matter which culture we emerge from or into. It is a book about place, rural and urban, and the powerful way landscapes define our character, our perceptions and the future.

It is a book of love poems, of extraordinary sensuality. It is a book that celebrates language and the songs we are compelled to sing. It is a book of lessons.