Kaleidoscopes and Butterfly Dreams

Nancy Hundal - Bio and Media
pb / 2009-04 / Young Adult Fiction /
978-088982-256-6 / 132pp / $12.95

Change. Krista hates it, but it’s everywhere: new town, new house, new kids. And what’s worse, the town is ugly, the house is shabby and every kid is skinny and already has a best friend. Whereas Krista is lonely and . . . round. Forced to leave her best friend and fancy home behind, Krista struggles to fit into a town with no place for a book-loving city kid whose worst fear is appearing lakeside in a bathing suit.

Krista wants to find a real friend to share her secrets with, not just the retired gym teacher or a seven-year-old with endless snoopy questions. Will that ever happen, when her only activity is going door-to-door, selling broccoli-flavoured diet bars called Weight Wackers?

In a story filled with kaleidoscopes and butterfly dreams, Krista comes to learn that home is more a state of mind than a place. And in a town filled with things that will never change and things that never cease changing, she learns that a true friend can come in any size or at any age.

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