The Sky Tree

P.K. Page - Bio and Media
hc / 2009-11 / Children's Titles /
9780889822580 / 112pp / $19.95

The first volume in this trilogy, A Flask of Sea Water begins with the search for a husband for the Princess of Ure. Whoever presents the King with a flask of sea water will win the hand of the princess. But Ure is a landlocked kingdom and only members of the royal family have ever been to the sea— the rest have neither seen it nor do they believe in it. And although the princess is beautiful, only three young men set out on the quest—Stabdyl, Mungu and Galaad. Of these, only Galaad is truly in love with the princess.

Many adventures overtake the three young men as they search for the sea. Unknowingly, Galaad falls under the spell of the Wizard of the Eastern Ocean. Once in his power, Galaad is put in charge of the wizard’s goats, and completely forgets his quest. Advised by a wise old woman he takes his goats to the Eastern Sea, where they are all changed into young men and women again. But now he has to get them safely back to Ure, which he does, with one exception.

The Goat that Flew follows the adventures of that one goat as the princess and her husband, Prince Galaad (for he did get to the sea after all), try to help him get free of the Wizard’s powers and become a man again.

In the third volume, King Galaad and his Queen are very old. They have ruled wisely and well and are tired and ready to rest. This story tells of their ascent to heaven, and of their son, Treece, a brave young man who will in- herit the kingdom from them.

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