Latest collection of stories from Margoshes oozes confidence - StarPhoenix

"A little while ago I ran across five old copies of Best Canadian Stories, the now-defunct Oberon Press annual that kept us up to date on what was hot in the journals of the nation. I thumbed through their tables of contents and there, amid such likely names as Alice Munro and Mavis Gallant, was the name Dave Margoshes, twice in a handful of books. (In fact, he appeared six times over the years.)

His appearance in such an august forum didn't come as a surprise to me, as it wouldn't to the Saskatchewan writing community. I was at three launches for three different titles back in May at Mc-Nally Robinson and the launch of this present collection of stories, God Telling a Joke, outdrew the other affairs by at least three to one. People who know writing know this man is good.

Yes, just like the aforementioned Munro and Gallant, Margoshes - as Margaret Atwood once said about John Updike - can do pretty much anything he wants. As we saw in two recent collections of short fiction, Bix's Trumpet and Other Stories and A Book of Great Worth, the man can spin a yarn because he's mastered all the skills they teach, and he's long taught in creative writing classes. But one thing they can't teach is confidence. And he's got it."

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