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Author offers candid look at a less than blissful life on an Alberta farm

By Pat Johnson

There is little idyllic about the rural Alberta farmstead where Lynette Loeppky lived with her partner Cecile Kaysoe. The farm was hard to work, with predatory wildlife threatening livestock and pets, bone-chilling winters and poorly insulated walls.

The narrative might have been less grim had the relationship been affectionate, but this was the grimmest part of all.

β€œThe constant irritation in her voice β€” the growing certainty that nothing I did would ever be right β€” wore away at my confidence, my sense of capability. Her presence, or even her pending presence, could send me into a state of watchful apprehension,” Loeppky writes in a confessional, intimate and page-turning memoir of the last days of the relationship.

Kaysoe employed the silent treatment interposed with criticism, cruel barbs and insensitivity, Loeppky alleges in Cease: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Desire, now nominated for a Lambda Literary Award. Throw in some internalized homophobia and verbal entrapment, jealousy over relationships from years earlier, constant second-guessing and generalized nastiness, and most readers will likely root for Loeppky as she plans her departure from the farm and relationship.

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