Cease - a memoir of love, loss and desire - Globe & Mail

By Jade Colbert

Lyn and Cec tacitly understood that if anyone were to exit the relationship, it would be Lyn, and after 81/2 years with the dedicated but domineering Cec, Lyn is quietly but seriously considering exactly that. Then Cec falls seriously ill and suddenly Lyn becomes caregiver to the woman she was soon to leave. Many threads of interest run through this thoughtful and carefully woven memoir: Lyn and Cec’s discovery of their desire – Cec’s in midlife and Lyn’s in the midst of a Mennonite upbringing; their somewhat closeted relationship in “family-values” Alberta; the familiar story of how an illness can both change a person and make her more like herself. What sets this apart from other illness or caregiver memoirs, however, is the temporal coincidence – a relationship’s end and an individual’s demise – and the questions that arise from it: Chiefly, why do we stay?

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