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Letting go: Author grapples with guilt as partner falls critically ill

By Andrea Geary

This situation is at the root of Albertan Lynette Loeppky's debut memoir Cease, written about her life with Cecile Kaysoe. Kaysoe (or "Cec" -- hence the book's title) and Loeppky own a hobby farm outside Calgary. When they first meet, Kaysoe is a hard-headed businesswoman, general manager of a freight-forwarding company. Loeppky, 15 years her junior, is impressed by Kaysoe's ability to handle any type of work, be it preparing dinner, shovelling manure or pitching bales.

"It was her quiet confidence that drew me to her. Her certainty. The way she made eye contact. She was comfortable in her body, at home in first class, accustomed to concierge service. But there was a weathered quality about her too. Fine lines fanned out around her eyes."

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