Foot Notes: Telling Stories of Girls's Soccer

Laurie Ricou - Bio and Media
pb / 2015-05 / Non-Fiction /
978-0-88982-314-3 / 128pp / $12.95

Foot Notes: Telling Stories of Girls’ Soccer reflects on 35 years coaching girls’ and women’s soccer. It’s a bit memoir, a bit of guidebook, a smattering of literary commentary, a dose of nostalgia and confesstional, sprinkled with some sports journalism. Foot Notes urges attentive listening to other’s stories as it shapes, shares, and cherishes stories of girls in soccer.

“Medals tarnish, trophies gather dust and jerseys eventually get lost. When I look back on my career and reflect about what was, and is, important to me, it is the memories I have of the people I shared that time with, and the relationships that still bind us
together. As part of Laurie’s “Little Red Engine” I have to thank him for sharing his perspective and memories of what was one of the happiest times of my life.”
~Andrea Neil, Canadian Women’s National Team 1990-2007. First woman soccer player inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame.