Waiting for the Albatross

Sandy Shreve - Bio and Media Jack Shreve - Bio and Media
pb / 2015-06 / Poetry /
978-0-88982-304-4 / 86pp / $19.95

In Waiting for the Albatross, Sandy Shreve has composed found poems using fragments from a diary her father, Jack Shreve, wrote in 1936 when, at age 21, he embarked overseas as a deck hand on a freighter. The five-month voyage took him from Halifax, through the Panama Canal and across the Pacific to New Zealand and Australia; then back again, docking at Montreal.

Facing the uncertainties and upheavals of the Great Depression, Jack learned to survive in a world that was both hostile and exhilarating. Nearly eighty years later, his daughter turns his experiences into a poetic tribute that remembers the amazing resilience of a generation. Shreve’s vivid poems are illustrated with photos from her father’s journey.

“Poignant, salty, full of danger, these poems always manage to dock at our hearts. The experience of reading it is a lot, I imagine, like being there.”
~ Jane Eaton Hamilton, Author of July Nights

“Like a “geezly big airplane” with a ten-foot wingspan, the book you are holding is no ordinary thing. It’s a book of poetry and also a history. It’s formal and plain-spoken, contemplative and bloody-knuckled. It’s then and it’s now. It’s a father and daughter talking across great distances. The voice in Waiting for the Albatross is two voices at once, and the ocean between them. Eighty years after the words were first written they’ve finally
arrived—from his hands, to hers, to yours. Thank goodness for unordinary things.”
~ Rob Taylor, Author of The Other Side of Ourselves

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