Liminal Space

Leanne McIntosh - Bio and Media
pb / 2005-09 / Poetry /
978-088982-213-1 / 80pp / $16.95

The poems in this book are poignant and honest, touched with ambivalence, emotion and spirituality. Following the last months of her husband’s life Leanne McIntosh passes through the disorientation of diagnosis, the discomfort of a new reality, the amazement that almost anything can become routine, until eventually sadness gives way/pressed lightly/into new love.

These poems speak the often silent questions: Whose death am I grieving? How do you kill someone? Will he know me at the end? With an artist’s eye small details and everyday events become significant. These are poems of the liminal, the in-between space characterized by unease and challenge where, within the grief of separation, relationship itself is remade. These are poems at the edge of the known world where birth and death, humans and divinity constellate. These are poems of tenderness, a softness/a dismantling/of all hard edges/and light diffused bone/an intimacy.