Desert Rose, Butterfly Storm

David Manicom - Bio and Media
pb / 2009-04 / Poetry /
9780889822559 / 72pp / $16.95

A farewell letter to a departing son, and a scream of fury against the age: Desert Rose, Butterfly Storm is a symphony of chaos and a lyric loving plea, an anthem for the age of terror and laser-guided death. Soaring and bit- ter, sweet and savage, David Manicom’s new book of poetry follows his Governor-General’s Award-nominated The Burning Eaves with a remark- able departure. Riffing and sampling on Yeats and Radiohead, Eliot and Ginsburg, the Bible and the Pentagon, Manicom has composed a searing new Howl for our times.

“This is beautiful, sophisticated writing from an accomplished poet. David Manicom has depth, intelligence, ambition and immense talent.” —Ottawa Citizen

“Manicom is a poet to read, quote, study and memorize . . . His lines shimmer and ring with something resembling genius.” —Books in Canada

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