Sweet Devilry

Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang - Bio and Media
pb / 2011-04 / Poetry /
978-088982-273-3 / 104pp / $17.95

Yi-Mei Tsiang’s debut collection of poetry, Sweet Devilry, explores the tenderness of loss that informs motherhood as well as the power and the conflict that come with being a woman. Both celebration and elegy, these poems find their centre in familial love. Lyric and traditional, though attuned to the visual and the experimental, Sweet Devilry also has a whimsical, and sometimes biting, sense of humour. Tsiang’s smart, imaginative, and emotionally resonant work offers a keen and woman-centred perspective on the stories we tell ourselves about love, personal and societal struggle, and the inevitability of death.

"This is a book to treasure. This is a poet to watch. These are poems to savour. They are an impressive mix of tender, beguiling, and wise. Tsiang is bound to become a formidable voice in Canadian poetry." ~Helen Humphreys

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